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Providing True & Unique Experiences

Making memories for a lifetime is what we do the best.
Let us guide you on your adventures on our Adriatic coast.

Adriatic Sea

Did you know?

Here we bring you some well-known (and some less) facts about Adriatic Sea.

  • The Adriatic Sea is one of the saltiest seas in the world
  • Its average depth is 173 meters
  • The deepest point of Adriatic is 1233 meters
  • It covers an area of 138 595 square kilometers

Boat Tours

There are over 1.200 islands on the Croatian part of the Adriatic Coast waiting for you to be explored. Stunning untouched natural beauties and panoramic views will leave you speechless.
Find a tour that clicks for you.


Croatia features many natural and cultural heritage listed on UNESCO's World Heritage List. From natural parks over ancient architecture to intangible heritage, Dalmatia is full of worth a visit sites.

Adventure Tours

Dalmatian area is an ideal destination for adventure lovers as it offers rocky mountains, fast rivers, and fantastic seaside cliffs that immerse into the clear blue Adriatic sea.
Give yourself an adrenaline injection.


We are taking you on a journey through our land, culture and local way of living.

Coastal Experience

…you’ll never know until you go!

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