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The Story About Us

With our highly professional and extensive approach, we provide a true and unique coastal experience to all our guests.


Our goal is to put a smile on your face while exploring our beautiful coastline.


Understanding your needs and providing you with a high level of services.


Whatever your dream vacation is, with us, it can become a reality.


Too many pets get abandoned during vacation season. We don't want to be part of that statistic. You are highly welcome to bring your pet on board.


Explore Central Dalmatia

Located in the heart of the Mediterranean coast, Dalmatia is well known for its natural beauty as well as its rich heritage. From impressive architecture, stunning islands, beautiful beaches, romantic sunsets, and amazing authentic food and wine, we make sure you get the BEST EXPERIENCE while traveling with us.

Our Mission, Vision & Core Values

Our Mission

Our company’s mission is to promote Dalmatian beauties and create memorable and compelling superior quality excursions and tours that will bring joy to our customers.

Our Vision

Our company vision is to cherish our dalmatian heritage, teach people about our culture, and nurture our traditional values.

Our Goal

Our company’s goal is to become one of the largest and exclusive tourist agencies in the dalmatian region and to be recognized by our customers as a trustworthy partner.


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4 Islands Tour

4 Islands Tour Vlog

Get a glimpse at one of the best selling boat tours from our guests' perspective. While you are sailing on our luxurious yacht, you will visit and explore four famous gorgeous islands and swim in the most beautiful hidden cove surrounded by natural gems.


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