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Fjaka. An essential and unique part of the Dalmatian character

If you spend some time in Dalmatia, you will come to know that the area is home to some fascinating phenomenons, and Fjaka is one of them. Fjaka is somewhat similar to Spanish Siesta, but not quite the same, and it is a bit wider term.

It is often connected to summer’s heat as it knows how to slow you down to the level of vegetation.

The oldest and the most known definition of Fjaka is the art of doing nothing, and locals have been perfecting it for generations. In countries like India and elsewhere, fjaka is being achieved through long-term starvation and meditation; in Dalmatia, it is merely a gift from God.

We often say that when “fjaka” catches you, you should better lay down and do nothing until it goes away.

It is something that you cannot learn; clearly, it just comes while you are here. Ask any Dalmatian and they will say that fjaka is a necessary part of life. It is very relaxing and good for your health.

Once you try it, we are sure it will become part of your life too.

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